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Régens is aware that HTML is not enough for all mobile problems and continously invests in native mobile application development competences. Native applications for iOS and Android have better performance, usability, and efficiency than web browsing on a mobile device.

We actively use solid development conventions, apply app testing tools for ensuring high quality and incorporate analytic tools to receive precious usage feedback from app users.

Whether you are looking for an enterprise or a consumer mobile app, iOS or Android, Régens will take you step by step through our development cycle, so that you are getting the features, functionality, and security you need. 

Régens' mobile application development process

1 needs assesment

use cases, target audience, application goals

Régens' mobile application development process

2 UX design

wireframes, prototypes

Régens' mobile application development process

3 development

UI elements, functions, performance, platforms, analytics, testing, QA

Régens' mobile application development process

4 publication

app marketplace (Google Play or App Store) certification and deployment

Régens' mobile application development process

5 app lifecycle management

collecting analytics, feedbacks, implementing neccesary and agreed modifications

We offer native mobile application development services for Android and iOS platforms.


  • Mobile UI design
  • Mobile website optimization
  • Enterprise app development
  • Consumer app development

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